P.L. Blair 

Murder and mayhem ... with a twist of fantasy


Shadow Path is the first book in P.L. Blair's "Portals" fantasy adventure series. This book begins at a time when portals are opened between the world we now know and the "Otherside," a parallel world filled with magic. It sets the stage for imagining what our world would be like if the magical creatures of myth and folklore actually existed. Corpus Christi police detective Kat Morales and her elven partner, Tevis McLeod, are introduced as the main characters in a series which combines the imagination of a modern fantasy world with the intrigue of a good murder and mayhem police thriller.


Stormcaller continues the adventures of Corpus Christi police detective Kat Morales and her elven partner Tevis in P.L. Blair's second book in her "Portals" series. They travel to the Otherside to battle an ancient Aztec god to save the Texas gulf coastline from a hurricane. 

Book three of P.L. Blair's Portals series pits Kat and Tevis against a murderous creature of evil from the "Otherside." Their hunt for a "deathtalker" follows a trail of tragic deaths of strong, beautiful women whose only mistake is falling in love.

This frolic in the woods is the 4th book in P.L. Blair's Portals Series. Corpus Christi police detectives Kat Morales, and her elven partner Tevis McLeod deal with dark wizards, satyrs, wyverns and a deep forest pulsing with ancient magic in this tale of a modern-day real-estate developer and evil double-dealing. And the whole thing begins with a bank robbery perpetrated by three sister nymphs and their satyr accomplices.

Look for "A Plague of Leprechauns" coming this spring!
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